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Arcadia T5 Pro Bird Lamp 2.4% KIT 54w

65.00 EUR
Pris inkl. MVA
Arcadia T5 Pro Bird Lamp 2.4% KIT 54w

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Arcadia T5 54w High Output birdlamp and unit with electronic ballast.

- Unit length ~117cm
- Can be kept freely (not attached to anything)
- Can be screwed to roof or wall
- Can be hang from roof
- 200cm lead wire with on/off switch and EU plug
- 120cm link cable to link units together, up to 10 units can be linked together (only the first one plugged to the wall)

The complete lighting fixture includes a T5 Bird Lamp with an optimal output of 12% UVA and 2.4% UVB radiation. The Arcadia PRO T5 UVB Kit also features a reflector that directs light directly to birds. The whole system is designed so that it is possible to connect up to 10 units, which will be powered from one source.

By purchasing the Arcadia PRO T5 UVB Kit you get an operating unit, an extra powerful T5 fluorescent lamp and a reflector. After easy installation, the UVB Kit is ready for use. The unit can be installed under the ceiling or mounted on the side of a cage or box.

Bird Lamp T5 are specially designed to deliver UVB radiation to the natural requirements of birds (2.4% UVB), while keeping the aviaries or bird rooms as light as possible.