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Shower & Window Parrot Perch Medium

33.90 EUR
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Shower & Window Parrot Perch Medium

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Height 28.5cm (11.25")
Width 27.5cm (10.75")
Depth 27.5cm (10.75")
Perch Diameter 3cm (1.25")

There are probably many places around your home you wish your bird didn't perch on... Lamps and furniture near windows? The top of mirrors? Taps and shower units in your bathroom?

Now you can provide your bird with this Shower & Window Parrot Perch - Medium, so your feathered companion can enjoy all their favourite places from a safe and dedicated perching place.

Quick and easy to assemble, this durable plastic perch fits securely to smooth surfaces such as tiled walls, windows and mirrors.

It's great for when it is time for a shower or when a little time is needed in front of the mirror, putting those finishing touches to a preening routine.

Most Parrots enjoy spending time looking out from various windows in their home, whether it be watching the wild birds or people passing by in the street.

Use a number of Shower & Window Perches round your home so your bird can enjoy passing the time watching the world go by.