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Nekton-E (35g)

3.40 EUR
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NEKTON-E is a supplementary feed that consists of the biologically effective and durable vitamin E component α-Tocopherol.

NEKTON-E helps to protect the cell membrane, decontaminate metabolites, hormone production and muscle functions. Furthermore, NEKTON-E primarily improves animal fertility, embryo survival rate and viability of young hatchlings. NEKTON-E also encourages the entire cell metabolism, anti-body production, increased defenses and has a positive effect on the body's immune status.
NEKTON-E supplements the minimum content of vitamin E in feed and covers the animals' needs with these nutrients that are so important for the body. NEKTON-E is soluble in water and is administered daily in drinking water, or mixed in with soft feed.

Dextrose, silicic acid.

Nutritional additives per kg:
50,000 mg of vitamin E.