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Fruit Holder - Entry Level Foraging Toy

3.95 EUR
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Fruit Holder - Entry Level Foraging Toy

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Total Length 18cm (7")
Skewer Length 12cm (4.75")
Skewer Diameter 3mm

This metal Fruit Holder is great for holding food portions or toy parts. You can easily and securely fasten this fruit holder onto your Parrot's cage with the easy clip fitting.

Using your Fruit Holder you can hang all sorts of fruits and vegetables; it helps to keep them clean and easily accessible to your bird. Now your Parrot can enjoy fresh fruit at any time of the day.

Why not use your Fruit Holder as the centre for a fantastic toy for your bird? Designed and created by your own fair hands, fasten on various materials such as ropes, wood shapes, cardboard shapes or anything else you know your Parrot just loves to play with.