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Easy lock Bowl Large Blue

6.35 EUR
Price inc. VAT
Easy lock Bowl Large Blue Height 6.5cm (2.5")
Diameter 13cm (5")

Modeling done by Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo Pulu, she is slightly smaller than African Grey / Larger Amazons like Blue Fronted.

Large and durable, this quick-locking feeding bowl is the solution. Designed so you can easily remove the bowl but still be completely bird-proof (there`s always one though!).

Bolt the holder securely to the cage bars and then simply twist the cup to fasten or remove (don`t leave just the holder in the cage for long periods though).

With its secure fixing your Parrot won't be able to spill any food onto the floor, meaning less mess for you to clean up so you can spend more time with your Parrot.