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Baffle Cage - Stainless Steel Foraging Toy - Large

29.90 EUR
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Baffle Cage - Stainless Steel Foraging Toy - Large

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Total Length with Chain 37cm (14.5")
Length without Chain 15.5cm (6")
Width 15cm (6")
Bar Thickness 4mm

Modeling done by Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo Ukkeli, he is around the size of African Grey / Larger Amazons like Blue Fronted.

The durable stainless steel cage design promotes your Parrot to work at breaking down the materials or foods you've put inside until they can pull them through the bars.

The skewer part inside can be used to hold materials or foods more securely, making them more difficult to access. The cage design allows your Parrot to attempt retrieving their prize from all angles including from the top and bottom; a great way to keep them active.

It doesn't just have to be large pieces you put inside, smaller rewards can be just as easily used by filling the Baffle Cage with shredded paper, or wrapping smaller parts in paper (like a sweet). There are so many fun and interactive ways to use a Baffle Cage.