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Avimix Powdered Vitamin & Mineral Supplement 250g

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Avimix Powdered Vitamin & Mineral Supplement 250g

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Helps to ensure a bird isn`t missing out on any of their essential dietary requirements.

Contains a mix of Nutrobal (contains calcium with Vitamin D3) and ACE-High (contains Vitamins A, C & E).

Vitamins A 1177iu, D3 118iu, E 54iu, K 0.05mg, B1 0.52mg, B2 0.62mg, B6 0.31mg, B12 1.24ug, C 85mg. Biotin 0.0025mg Folic Acid 0.16mg Nicotinic Acid 2.58mg Pantothenic Acid 0.52mg Choline Chloride 6.2mg Calcium 142mg Phosphorus 4.65mg Ca:P Ratio 30:1 Sodium 2.07mg Iron 3.1mg Cobalt 0.05mg Iodine 0.05mg Manganese 1.81mg Zinc 3.1mg Selenium 0.005mg Copper 0.78mg